PALS ™ Programme

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The original concept behind the PALS Programme was to deliver a short term life skills programme to Transition Year Students in areas of personal development, self-belief and empowerment. However two years on and PALS has expanded into several areas within educational establishments including primary, secondary and third level education. We now deliver PALS to both students and teachers in some schools.

PALS for preteens, teens and young adults

The aim of this programme is to introduce young people to a more assertive and positive way of managing day to day challenges faced by them in the world we live today. This programme opens them up to a new way of thinking, giving them insight into the life skills required to cope with personal challenges both in school and at home. Mental health and well-being is an essential part of their education.

Motivating Teenagers with P.A.L.S

    • PMA – Positive Mental Attitude

    • Self - confidence and Self - Belief

    • Changing Limited Thoughts into Unlimited Thoughts

    • The Coping Triangle – Thoughts / Feelings / Actions

    • Personal Values

    • Assertive and Effective Behaviours

    • Gratitude and Kindness

    • Team Building

    • Coping Strategies – Communication Skills

    • Goal Setting and Time Management

PALS is also delivered to the corporate business sector within a variety of departments including Human Resources, Senior and Line Management, Personnel, Training and Staff development by delivering a programme focused on positive and assertive communication within the workplace.