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Welcome To The September Issue Of Our PALS Programme Blog

Welcome To the September Issue Of Our PALS Programme Blog

Well we made it through the summer months and ready to get back on track with the new term now.

Whether you are a parent, a student or a teacher, we hope you have enjoyed a nice summer and got to recharge the batteries and you are now ready to go full steam ahead into the new academic year!
The PALS team had a good summer focusing on planning ahead and working on new initiatives to develop other areas within the programme.
Lots of networking events and meetings took place which is bringing PALS Programme to a wider audience and growing our brand awareness in all sectors.
Watch this space for updates about going forward over the next few months.

Ratoath College – Another First For PALS Programme

We are delighted to announce that Ratoath College has come on board as the first school to run with PALS Programme for incoming First Year Students.
We are so excited, as this is something we have worked on for nearly 18 months and now we will get to meet our first group of First Year Students this month, to deliver the one off workshop to over 200 students. The growth of the PALS Programme in Ratoath College has been a testament to the ethos of the school as they embrace and grow in areas of mental health and well being for all their students.
This year we will deliver to First Year Students, Transition Year Students and 5th and 6th Year Leaving Cert Applied Students in Ratoath College alone.
Our aim is to deliver to all students including 2nd year, 5th year and exam year students.
Watch this space!!!

One to One PALS Programme

As we settle back into the new term and get back on track with our routines we are also delighted to see our one to one PALS Programme growing also.
The individual programme is tailored to the student’s individual needs and requirements. The format of the sessions is lead by the teenager or young adult with the focus being on positive and proactive strategies. Doing an individual PALS Programme is similar to taking grinds for exams. We can see the student in their own home , via skype or even doing sessions over the phone. This is a great opportunity to assist teenagers and young adults in the area of positivity, personal growth and developing coping skills and methods to manage day to day challenges in life!

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