Welcome To The November Issue Of Our PALS Programme Blog

Full steam ahead after mid term break!!!

Wow the year is really flying in! Hard to believe mid term is over already.
We had a busy mid term at PALS planning ahead for new programmes commencing this month.

PALS Programme for Transition Year Students

It is great to be back in Cooley, Co Louth with Bush Post Primary school to deliver PALS Programme to this year’s Transition Year students. The teachers felt the programme really helped their students last year so they are delighted to run with it again. Week one of the four week programme has already been delivered and the students have really embraced PALS already! The focus in week one is on establishing goals for the next four weeks, looking at the use of positive communication every day and implementing a daily PALS Programme gratitude journal. They have an action plan to follow each week which helps them stay on track! Looking forward to week two already!

PALS Programme for Leaving Cert Applied Students

We are delighted to extend our PALS programme even further and we are returning to Ratoath College, Co Meath next week to start a 4 week programme for the 5th and 6th Year Students who are doing Leaving Cert Applied. Last year we delivered to 5th year LCA students and they really enjoyed the programme. The teachers saw the positive impact on the class and are delighted to extend it to this year’s 5th year group. We are looking forward to connecting with the students we met last year who are now in 6th year. PALS Programme aim is to deliver PALS to as many students in each school as possible and we are so grateful to Ratoath College for really embracing this. They run PALS now with First Year Students, Transition Year Students, 5th Year Students and 6th Year Students in Leaving Cert Applied.

One to One PALS Programme for Teenagers and Young Adults

Our PALS one to one programme is growing every week. We are delivering PALS to teenagers and young adults in weekly or fortnightly sessions. These sessions are tailored to the individual based on their own needs which include time management, positive communication, self confidence and acceptance. The programme can be delivered in 3, 6 or 9 sessions initially with a view to continuing with monthly sessions to help stay on track. The benefits seen by both parents and students are huge and really help bring a sense of understanding about life and how wonderful it really is. All of our sessions are student focused and relevant to their lives as teenagers and young adults. A few small changes can make an enormous difference and bring about positive impact in both school, college and home life.


We are continuing with our expansion of PALS into more areas and look forward to bringing news to you in our next blog!

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Have a super November.

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