Welcome To The July Issue Of Our PALS Programme Blog

Welcome To The July Issue Of Our PALS Programme Blog

As the summer holidays get underway for students, it is still a busy time for our PALS Programme team as we look at the new school year kicking off at the end of August. Lots of new plans underway and more ‘Firsts’ for PALS Programme which you can read about in this month’s blog.

Exam students can take a well-deserved break after the months leading up to June exams. Switch off and take some down time to recharge the batteries and reconnect with friends and family. I know for many parents it can feel like they actually sat the exams alongside their sons and daughters!

PALS Career Coaching Programme For Teenagers and Young Adults

Here is a lovely testimonial from a client who recently did the PALS Career Coaching Programme.

“I am delighted to say I attended two interviews recently and was offered both jobs after completing the PALS Career Coaching Programme with Bee. My confidence is growing every day and I feel happier in general in all areas of my life. My family have even noticed it. Time with Bee helped me focus on my strengths and qualities, even though I am only 19, I now know I have a lot to offer an employer. I have decided to continue sessions with PALS One to One focusing on my plans for college and increasing my network of friends. I feel less shy and ready to approach social activities in a more positive and confident way. Thank you so much Bee.” David, Student.

This programme helps teenagers and young adults on the beginning of their career journey whether they are looking for a part-time summer job or ready to embark on full-time employment.

The programme runs over three one hour sessions to help with all the preparation needed to get onto the career ladder.

The first session focuses on CV preparation. A full tailored CV will make all the difference and will secure an interview for the student. The second session consists of interview preparation looking at areas of positive communication, confidence and an ability to promote the best of yourself. The final session will focus on post interview analysis allowing feedback and a plan of action going forward. The success rate of job offers for students is gaining momentum and we are really happy with the results to date!

Academic Year 2015-2016 PALS Programme Structure

Would you like PALS Programme in your school?

Contact us for more information and we will be happy to discuss all the options available to you including costs and diary availability.

Secondary School Programmes

PALS Programme for TY Students – 4 week Programme
PALS Programme for 5th and 6th Year LCA Students – 4 week Programme
PALS Programme for 1st Year Students – Workshop
PALS Programme for Student Mentors/ Leadership – Workshop
PALS Programme for Exam Students – Workshop
PALS Programme for Teachers – Workshop

Primary Schools

PALS Programme for 6th Class Students – Workshop
PALS Programme for 5th Class Students – Workshop
PALS Programme for Teachers – Workshop

Third Level Education

We are very excited about moving forward and expanding PALS Programme into third level education especially for first year students in college.

We are developing a programme at the moment and plan to launch it for 2015/2016 students.
If you are a lecturer or student in third level and you would like more information please contact us on palsprogramme@gmail.com

Another First For PALS Programme

PALS Programme For Parents

We are delighted to say we are now extending our PALS Programme for parents of preteens, teenagers and young adults.
In September we will launch the PALS Programme for Parents with an afternoon introductory workshop with a view to delivering a 6 week course.

This programme will focus on positive communication for parents especially around the areas of challenges or difficulties.
Being a parent isn’t easy no matter what stage your children are at however preteens and teenagers bring about a different view of parenting and having the skills and positive attitude to manage this can be hugely beneficial.

How do we stay positive and assertive when under pressure and feeling worn-out?
How do we stay happy and fun loving while remaining assertive?
How do we put ourselves first so we can manage stress positively?

If you would like to know more about this programme or you would like to join the mailing list for PALS Programme for Parents please email us on palsprogramme@gmail.com

PALS Programme Interview Preparation Coaching

Do you have an interview coming up?

A good CV will get you the interview but you will get yourself the job!
Being prepared and confident when attending an interview is immediately noticed by the interviewer and connecting on a personal level from the beginning can really help in securing your new role.

Interview Prep Coaching will help you focus on your self-belief, your confidence and will give you the ability to put yourself forward in the best possible way.

This coaching takes about 90 minutes and well worth the investment as the success rate of securing a new job is extremely high.
In the last month alone we got feedback from the 5 clients who came for Interview Prep Coaching to say they secured the job!

A lovely thank you card from a client!

“A belated thank you for your help earlier this year with the interview preparation. The session we had was fantastic and you gave me a confidence I didn’t know I had. I was able to face my first interview in 15 years believing in my ability and skills and went in armed with the confidence to highlight these. Thank you so much for your patience, warmth and understanding during our session. I look forward to starting my new job next week. I am very thankful for the support you gave me on the way. With gratitude, love Annette. “

One to One PALS Programme for Teenagers and Young Adults Continues To Grow

We are so happy to see the awareness and understanding of our PALS one to one programme growing with parents and guardians. HQ is receiving several calls a week from parents enquiring about how PALS may help their teenagers or young adults.
PALS Programme has been designed to focus on many areas where challenges are faced.

The programme is adaptable to individuals and groups and will focus on bringing about positive changes in many areas. Sometimes a challenge which seems small and insignificant to an adult can actually be very overwhelming to a 12 or 13 year teenager. Often the process of taking time out to look at positive experiences, strengths and attributes, can often help a teenager focus on all their good skills and in doing so they feel confident to grow and progress in other areas which they find more challenging.
Often the very act of taking time out to review our progress and development can be just the very activity which is needed to bring about positive changes in our lives. This one small change can have a very positive knock on effect and bring about big changes in several areas including school, social skills and general mental health and well being.

We have seen huge positive results almost immediately with our one to one clients. The sessions are tailored to the client and therefore can focus on the core areas of concern. Many students feel such a positive impact on their day to day lives that they want to continue maintaining this well into the future.

Sessions are delivered over 3, 6 or 9 sessions depending on the needs of the teenager or young adult. The process of the weekly or fortnightly sessions allows time for the student to introduce new habits and complete the weekly action plan.
All in all the overall result is very very positive!

Big congrats to all our one to one clients who have embraced the PALS Programme both positively and proactively.


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